Learning Shader Programming


Learning openFrameworks


Advanced Data Science Specialization

Coursera/IBM, 2019

Fractals and Scaling, Intro to Complexity, Nonlinear Dynamics

Santa Fe Institute, 2018/19

Deep Learning Specialization

Coursera, 2018

VR Developer Nanodegree

Udacity, 2018
(Unity, C#)

Computer Graphics

edX, 2018
(C++, OpenGL)

Client/Server based 3D Terrain Visualization and Mapping Application

University Furtwangen, 2002/03
(J2EE, Java3D)

Bug City Web II

Absolute Quality, Inc. 2000

3D Audio Animation Tool

University Furtwangen/Terratec, 1999
(C++, Direct3D)


First Web Project :), 1996