A Drum Machine


I wrote a simple drum machine for the course Learn to code Electronic Music Tools with Javascript offered by Goldsmiths, University of London through FutureLearn.

This was an excellent introduction to the Web Audio API and Nexus UI. I was surprised how easy it was to generate sounds and write tools to make music. I also learned about the Algorave scene which I never heard of before I signed up for this course.

If it’s offered again, I can highly recommend his short but fun course.

The drum machine below was inspired by the legendary Roland TR-808. I have so many ideas and want to add more bells and whistles, and turn this into a fully functioning clone with save/load functionality one day.


Making a Heart with Maths

Inigo Quilez (iq) explains how to model a simple heart with mathematics. Shadertoy code and real-time version can be found here. I love how he embedded the model into the video. Need to explore how to develop plugins for AfterEffects. Jim Fowler, Professor at Ohio State University applied a similar technique in his Calculus course on Coursera. He used the old ray tracing tool POV-Ray with ArUco, a library for augmented reality applications.