About Me

Hello and welcome to my sandbox!

My name is Gerrit Wessendorf. I have mostly been using this domain as a playground for ideas and works in progress, a place to test and to keep my notes and bookmarks on topics that capture my imagination.

I will update the homepage with a portfolio of projects I’ve worked on. Each box will contain a link to more detailed descriptions, screenshots, videos, and code examples.


During the day I’m a web developer located in Baltimore, Maryland. I manage our websites, servers, databases and develop mainly in PHP and Javascript. Occasionally I also use R and Python for data applications.


In the evenings I dedicate most of my time to learning as much as I can about computer graphics. I’m especially interested in fluid dynamics, ray tracing and physics-based animation. Read more about my study interests here.

History of this Website

Read more about this site and how it came to be here.

Thanks for visiting!


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