About the Site

Back in the early 90s when I was trained and working as a draftsman, I also made my first steps on the Internet. At that time I ran a 3-port BBS system (eze.gun.de) in Germany with gateways to some networks including Zerberus, Fidonet and the Usenet.

The BBS and Usenet faded a little when Compuserve introduced me to the World Wide Web. This website has already been around in various versions since 1996. :)

It first started in HTML with tables, image maps and graphics in a 3D-look when I learned Photoshop and played with Kai Krause’s tutorials. Before I had my own domain, the site was more or less a GUI for a music mix CD I put together. Later it went online with my first domain, celephais.com, named after a short story by H.P. Lovecraft.

In late 90s I learned and experimented with PHP and MySQL and created a simple database driven version of this site with a more minimal and flat design.

In the early 2000s I added a webcam to this site and showcased a few Java applets I created in college, and the site was more of a portfolio, resume, business card site. Being busy with college and freelance work I stopped working on it for a while.

But inspired by what I’ve learned when I worked with Java, Visual Basic and C++ I eventually started to rework the site again with the idea to apply what I learned in other languages to the web, and create reusable web-components to a web-based GUI application.

I’m not sure exactly how I got involved with WordPress. I think it must have been at work. When I learned about WordPress, my site had to pay for my curiosity again. First with a standard WordPress theme, then with my own theme, then a K2 based theme. More design ideas, more focus on frontend…for a while I was happy and started writing and publishing blog posts more regularly.

But soon I felt the itch again to tweak this and try that. A few years ago I thought this site doesn’t really need all the WordPress and database overhead. As little content as I had, it would be much more efficient to run a static file based site instead. Born was the next generation with Grav and Markdown.

When I learned about Hugo and Blogdown integrated with RStudio I thought this is it! Now I see Gatsby, Nuxt, various other frontend and development frameworks at the horizon, and the JAMstack makes so much more sense than the old LAMP stack I’ve worked with for so many years, but maybe I’ll keep that for work and leave this site alone as far as the technology choice is concerned. Although… I do like Jupyter notebooks as well. Haha. :)

What I envision for this website in the next years is less experiments with web-frameworks but more content about computer graphics: realtime and offline, fundamentals, interactive, c++ or Javascript, OpenGL, WebGL, WebVR, Unity, Unreal, there’s a whole universe to be explored.

I really like the structure, curriculum and community over at the Classical Guitar Corner academy and would love to create a similar small community for computer graphics. I don’t have enough of a knowledge-base and teaching experience to guide other people along a cg-learning path yet, but I would love this site to be an educational resource for everyone regardless of their background and knowledge level. Personally, I found it difficult to get started with cg and it would make me happy if I could make it easier for someone else. That’s my new “mission statement”. :)

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